A three-month workshop of tailoring and sewing completed in Luščani

objavljeno 29.10.2008.

Association “New World“


Twenty women learnt to sew and remodel the clothes


A project for establishing a ready-made clothes department in Banovina was elaborated


PETRINJA – I have learnt to use the sewing machine and the basics of tailoring and sewing. Now, I dare to sew, remodel, to cut short and to extend clothes all by myself at home – says Snježana Obradović during the ceremony of handing out the certificates on completed course at the end of a three-month workshop.

Support of companies

A three-month workshop of sewing and tailoring in the community centre Luščani was organised by the Youth Association “New World” from the village of Luščani with advices, instruction and leadership of Danijela Kovačić, a fashion designer from Sisak.

The first group of twenty women from the neighbouring villages studied there from April until July. They were studying how to sew on these new machines given by the Open Society Croatia and on the big and industrial ones from the company Ortomaks from Zagreb, which have also donated woollen cloth, fabric and other consumer goods for training in co-operation with the humanitarian organisation St. Kvirin from Sisak – says Svjetlana Grubješić, President of the association “New World”.

Dragana and Milana Turopoljac were regularly coming from the village of Gornja Bačuga. The oldest attendants Vera Mamić (54) and Danica Mraković (55) with her daughter Mira Ignjatić-Radmanović were coming from the village of Donja Bačuga. Milena Bakrač (19) was the youngest attendant of the workshop where her mother Ljuba was also present.

Work places

– I drove my wife Liljana along with other neighbours from the village of Bačuga. There were five of them in the car at same time – says Đorđe Jekić.

– I am very pleased with an effort, will and gained knowledge of the first group at this workshop. If only they can get a steady job – wishes D. Kovačić, leader of tailoring and sewing.

– There is a project of ready-made clothes department in Banovina. The plans are long-term. These seamstresses are now waiting in the villages of Donja and Gornja Bačuga, Banski Grabovac and Luščani – emphasises S. Grubješić.

– Registration of new attendants is in progress. We are planning to start with the second workshop next month. – There is still enough place at the workshop, so let women apply – invites Svjetlana Grubješić, president of the association. The municipality authority has given the premises in the village community building to the association for use. (Antun Petračić)


Newspaper “Večernji list”, 10 September 2005